1. Archetive Solutions Private Limited is a service provider assisting the U.S. Banking , loan services and asset management industries.

  2. We pride to take responsibility on behalf of our clients laying predominant focus on quality and compliance.

  3. We have a proven track record of flawless delivery of the services.

  4. With diverse and elite pool of experience our professionals ensure that our services are delivered on time, every time.

  5. We provide personalized solutions for our clients as we understand that each vision is unique.

  6. We maintain unparalleled industry standards which keeps us unrivalled in the work we do.

  7. Our team works as one unit without any discrimination on basis of position, race, color or caste. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that we provide premium quality of work culture. When you join Archetive Solutions, you just don't become an employee you become a part of family away from home.