Core Values

Create a healthy environment for people to grow and become better versions of themselves helping themselves, their families, our country and humanity.

Encourage collaboration and sharing of knowledge, skills and honest/open feedback.

Finding shared values with our colleagues, families, and clients/contractors, to create relationships that will last a lifetime.

Legendary companies are not built in a day.  Through hard work, perseverance, giving a little extra, taking ownership & making decisions as if it’s our own company and togetherness we’ll create a company that lasts generations and our family will be proud that we contributed to its success.

Our ability to support and help more families through employment depends on the work we do. Our contribution makes a difference each and every day.

What we Do

Archetive Solutions Private Limited is a provider of IT & ITES services for International clients.

We provide personalized solutions for our clients as we understand that each vision is unique, and we maintain unparalleled industry standards.

Our team works together without any discrimination on the basis of position, race, color or background. Our goal is to ensure a premium work culture which allows each individual the ability to learn, grow and show their skills. When you join Archetive Solutions, you don’t become an employee you become a part of a family.

Working as one team

We provide onshore and offshore assistance.  Ensuring our clients, a successful transition to our team and ongoing success.  Whether it is mortgage related or real estate related we work as one unified team that spans two continents.